New mobile app allows consumers to see what Original Medicare covers

Feb 08, 2019
The Bottom Line

Earlier this month CMS announced the release of a new app, “What’s Covered,” that allows people to quickly look up what Original Medicare covers using their mobile device. In addition to the “What’s Covered” app, CMS is enabling beneficiaries to connect their claims data to applications and tools developed by innovative private-sector companies to help them understand, use, and share their health data through Blue Button 2.0.

The app is just one of several other eMedicare initiatives launched to help beneficiaries better understand their Medicare coverage. CMS reports that questions about coverage are some of the most frequent questions received by the agency, and the coverage-related content on receives approximately 15 million page views on an annual basis.

To read the full press release about “What’s Covered” and other eMedicare initiatives, visit CMS’ webpage.

The app can be accessed for free in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

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